It may come as a surprise to know your response when asked your favourite colour can reveal things about you. That’s because often colour has a way of influencing the way it makes us feel. The premise is colour psychology and the idea that colour evokes an emotional, mental and even behavioural response capable of impacting our mood.

Our Victoria BC painters are aware of this aspect of the paint industry when working with clients to reflect the right mood. The feel may range from lively in the family room, formal and elegant in the dining room or a calm, serene bedroom. If you want to create a feel or mood when selecting paint colour here are some tips to follow.

Cool versus warm colours

The six colours on a colour wheel are split into warm and cool colours. Red, orange and yellow are warm and remind us of sunshine and warmth. The remaining ones green, blues and violet are relaxing and calm reminiscent of nature, water and sky with their coolness.

Start by determining the main function of the room and the feel you want the colour choice to evoke. Thoughtful use of colour can influence the way people feel, think and behave in that room.

Warm colour suggestions, the intensity of reds, oranges and yellows have a very energetic, warm and friendly feeling. Best used in kitchens, dining rooms, workout spaces, and yellow is nice in bathrooms just avoid too bright shades. Any of the warm colours work well in rooms where people tend to gather together.

The calm feel of blues is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms or offices while darker shades of purple create and elegance in your dining room. Green with it’s many shades to choose from creates a relaxing mood for a bedroom, bathroom or in the living room.

Black is a neutral colour is useful to highlight other colours while white gives a contemporary, spacious feel. Both these neutral are ideal used as an accent colour.

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Buyers in search of a new home in Victoria BC consider location to be the number one priority. Next they check out the neighbourhood and the proximity to good schools if they have children. Buyers want an easy commute to work with any activities they enjoy close by. However even the perfect location needs great curb appeal and should never be underestimated whether you’re in the market to sell or not.

Yard maintenance is something homeowners take care of on a regular basis keeping lawns cut and raking leaves in the Fall. So while your yard makes a good impression how does the exterior of your home rate.

When it comes to how often the exterior needs repainting professional have differing opinions. Whether painting the exterior to sell, repainting every 4 to 6 years will keep your home looking good, still others will say 15 years is acceptable. The expense of repainting may tempt you to delay the project as long as possible. When you find your home’s exterior in need of paint in 5 years you might wonder what’s going on.

To answer that question a lot depends on which part of the country you reside in and climate conditions. Coastal areas like Victoria endure intense sun, salty air and sand, exposure to the elements more frequent upkeep is required. These homes may need repainting every 4 to 6 years and for beach homes as often as every year could be necessary. While the east coast endures strong winds, snow and warm summers homes may need repainting every 5 to 7 years. The more moderate climates in southern parts of the west coast will require less frequent maintenance that those on the opposite side of the country. Protected from conditions that the coastal regions experience such as wind, for homes located in the middle and northern parts of the country it could be 10 years.

Other variable affect the frequency of repainting for example the type of materials the house is made of as well as the quality of materials you use for the project.

What part of the world you live in and it’s climate conditions as well as the quality of materials are responsible for the wide range of opinions. Here at Paintworks we have the expertise to recommend the best products to protect homes in the Victoria region. If you have questions or would be interested in an estimate contact us today.

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One of the most cost effective ways to change your home decor is as simple as giving it fresh coat of paint. There are so many colour choices and suppliers are continually updating the selection. Painting the walls of a room a different shade transforms it and painting is an easy way to increase the value of your home. To save you painting and repainting Paint Works has compiled a short list of common mistakes people make when choosing a paint colour.

Paint Swatches

Basing your decision on something as small as a paint swatch can’t give you a clear idea of how a whole room will look. True colour can only be seen in the room you plan to paint with it’s lighting and in a larger amount of colour. Rather than covering your walls with paint swatches try painting poster board with some of your favourite colours. That way you can move then around the room under different lights and have a better idea of how it will look.

Consider Decor

When choosing a paint colour many designers suggest having some main pieces of the furnishings in place first. Then the paint colour can be chosen from the fabrics or artwork and finally pillows and curtains to tie the decor together. The last relatively inexpensive items can be changed out when you’re ready to change up your decor.

All colour Is Not Created Equal

Maybe grey is the colour you’ve picked for your living room but your decision doesn’t stop there. Grey like every colour has many undertones from green grey to beige grey to consider and why testing paint swatches is necessary.

Whether you’re painting one room or the entire interior of your home in Victoria BC, we have the experience to help you choose the right colour.

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