Picking the right paint colour for your house can be quite challenging. Nowadays, stores have a lot of various colours for you to choose from. After coming back from the paint store, you may find that your walls are covered with new paint swatches. And, paint companies are producing new colours each year aside to add to the list of colour schemes, so choosing the wrong one is inevitable.

Choosing Too Bright Colours

Bright colours can sure add personality; however, too much brightness isn’t too good. Bright colours, when applied on small spaces, can be intense and make people feel uncomfortable. If you want to use bright colours on your small apartment, try to paint the walls with something more neutral and add colour in other places in your room like accent furniture or an artwork.

Following the Trend Always

Many homeowners want their house to have a strong personality, to stand out and not look generic. Although bright colours are a going trend for many years already, they have also been fading out because of over usage. When you see colour scheme that has been repeatedly been used, you may have to opt for something diverse. Today, a lot of people are rooting for soft and mild colours, which subsequently a style that is coming back.

Relying Solely on Swatches

It doesn’t matter if you have a good vision, holding a small chip into your wall will not help to give you an idea on how the whole wall will appear with the colour you’re holding. It may be bothersome; however, you must paint huge patches of various colour options on the wall to test them before you decide on the right colour.

Not Considering The Home Decors

Most designers suggest in picking fabrics and furnishings prior to choosing the paint colours. If you can get your hands on a handful of pieces before you paint, picking the right colours will be easier to do.

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