Last week we went into detail on how often you should paint the interior of your home. This post will help you choose a colour scheme.

Have you noticed when entering one room being filled with an immediate sense of calm and yet a different place leaves you feeling uncomfortable? The reason is that colour can actually affect our response to a place or object both physically and psychologically. Whether in our homes or place of work the importance colour and its effect should not be underestimated. If you feel unsure of how to make use of colour try the tips listed here.

Start Small

If you’re not sure where to begin consider a smaller area such as a powder room, bathroom or small hallway. Choose an area where you can see the results quickly and decide if you love it or need to change it. If you’re still unsure of which colour to pick then try a colour from a piece of artwork, a rug or even dishes.

Think About Your Mood

Choosing soft colours will give the bedroom a restful, soothing feel while strong colour choices create a sense of drama. In the dining room deep blue greens and neutrals give the room a sociable feeling while warm tones suggest a more formal setting. You may be tempted to paint a child’s room in strong colours but you may find subdued colours more restful and less stimulating.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Paint stores have light boxes to test paint chips for a reason. Natural light gives the truest colour, incandescent lighting brings out the warmer tones and fluorescent casts a sharp blue tone.

Learn The colour Terms

Familiarize yourself with the difference between hue ( how light or dark ) a colour is, saturation refers to the dominant hue or intensity which is the colours brilliance.

Test Your colour Choice

Try your colours out on a poster board or large area of wall and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Think strong, vivid colours as the main colour or even a tinted ceiling can change the whole look of a room.

When you need expert advice when it comes to your interior painting project in Victoria BC, why not give us a call at Paintworks. We can help you choose a colour scheme tailored for you.

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