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  • paint_template-1Many paints typically leave brush or roller marks creating an uneven, stippled appearance. But Cashmere® Interior Latex glides on buttery smooth and levels out giving walls an elegant, silky rich look. The result is a difference you can definitely see and feel. This luxurious and elegant finish comes in flat enamel and low or medium luster in a wide range of colors.        


    • Ultra-smooth, rich, silky finish.
    • Silky, low-stipple appearance that looks good from all angles.
    • Looks, feels and applies smooth and buttery.
    • Outstanding coverage and hide.
    • Scrubbable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
    • Ideal for residential spaces.
    • Available in flat enamel, low luster and medium luster.
    SheenProduct NumberBaseSize***MSDSPDSEDSGreenguard
    FlatD16W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    FlatD16W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    FlatD16W00050Luminous White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    FlatD16W00150High Reflective White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatD16W00151Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatD16W00153Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatD16T00154Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatD16W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS
    FlatD16W00151Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Low LustreD17T00154Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Low LustreD17W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Low LustreD17W00050Luminous White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Low LustreD17W00150High Reflective White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Low LustreD17W00151Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Low LustreD17W00153Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Low LustreD17W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Low LustreD17W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS
    Low LustreD17W00151Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    PearlD15W00150High Reflective White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    PearlD15W00151Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    PearlD15W00153Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    PearlD15T00154Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    PearlD15W00151Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Medium LustreD18W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Medium LustreD18W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Medium LustreD18W00050Luminous White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Medium LustreD18W00150High Reflective White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Medium LustreD18W00151Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Medium LustreD18W00153Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Medium LustreD18T00154Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Medium LustreD18W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS
    Medium LustreD18W00151Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate


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