Doing your own painting can seem like a great way to save money, but in the long run you’ll end up spending more money or living with imperfections all over your house that will drive you crazy. Hiring a painting company is a smart investment when it comes to your home.

He’s some tips on how to choose the right painting contractor.

Get a variety of quotes by interviewing at least three companies and be sure to talk about these items.


Don’t just take their word for it that they have insurance, ask to see their certificate of insurance and check to make sure it’s current. Also inquire if the workers are subcontractors or employees. If you’re hiring subcontractors you’ll need to see their certificates of insurance too as the umbrella company won’t cover them.

Proper License

Because painting seems like one of the easier trades, there are many moonlighting painters out there. So making sure they have a proper license for painting in Victoria is really important. This isn’t a guarantee of quality work, but definitely something to check off the list.

Experience and Knowledge

The painting trade has a very high turnover rate so finding an experienced painting contractor in Victoria can be challenging but worth it’s weight in gold. A company with lots of experience may have a higher hourly rate but when it comes to doing a job efficiently and with great workmanship nothing beats experience, saving you the money of having to redo a “cheap” job.

Official Estimate

Get something in writing. This should include hourly rate and a time estimate. There should also be some sort of arrangement or mention of procedures should they go over the time estimate.


Some Victoria house painters will give a guarantee on their prep work and the products they use. If they do, you should see it in writing.


Be sure to call at least three references before making any final decisions. Any painting contractor happy with their work will be willing to pass along references from their satisfied clients.

We are painting contractors you can trust in Victoria BC. Contact us for more information.

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