One of the most cost effective ways to change your home decor is as simple as giving it fresh coat of paint. There are so many colour choices and suppliers are continually updating the selection. Painting the walls of a room a different shade transforms it and painting is an easy way to increase the value of your home. To save you painting and repainting Paint Works has compiled a short list of common mistakes people make when choosing a paint colour.

Paint Swatches

Basing your decision on something as small as a paint swatch can’t give you a clear idea of how a whole room will look. True colour can only be seen in the room you plan to paint with it’s lighting and in a larger amount of colour. Rather than covering your walls with paint swatches try painting poster board with some of your favourite colours. That way you can move then around the room under different lights and have a better idea of how it will look.

Consider Decor

When choosing a paint colour many designers suggest having some main pieces of the furnishings in place first. Then the paint colour can be chosen from the fabrics or artwork and finally pillows and curtains to tie the decor together. The last relatively inexpensive items can be changed out when you’re ready to change up your decor.

All colour Is Not Created Equal

Maybe grey is the colour you’ve picked for your living room but your decision doesn’t stop there. Grey like every colour has many undertones from green grey to beige grey to consider and why testing paint swatches is necessary.

Whether you’re painting one room or the entire interior of your home in Victoria BC, we have the experience to help you choose the right colour.

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