Harmony Acrylic Interior Latex Paint

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  • paint_template-1Harmony® Paint's enhanced formula features Formaldehyde Reducing Technology to promote better indoor air quality. Harmony Paint also delivers great hide and a durable finish that withstand frequent washings. This zero VOC acrylic paint is also GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified® and GreenGuard Certified for Children and Schools.

    Harmony’s Odor and formaldehyde reducing properties works best when more surface area is painted.


    • Formaldehyde Reducing Technology helps improve indoor air quality by reducing VOCs from possible sources like insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabrics.
    • Odor Eliminating Technology helps reduce common indoor odors so rooms stay fresher longer.*
    • Anti-microbial agents inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the paint surface and inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.
    • Zero VOC formula tinted with ColorCast Ecotoner® Colorants that do not add VOCs when tinted.
    • Great hide and durable finish that withstands frequent washings.
    • Read the UL-GREENGUARD White Paper on the "Impact of Paint on Indoor Air Quality in Schools" and how Enhanced Harmony Paint reduced airborne formaldehyde levels by 45%.
    • Now all sheens - flat, eg-shel and semi-gloss contain Formaldehyde Reducing Technology.

    * The length of time Harmony actively reduces odors and formaldehyde depends on the concentration, the frequency of exposure and the amount of painted surface area.

    SheenProduct NumberBaseSize***MSDSPDSEDSGreenguard
    FlatB05W01051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatB05W01053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatB05W01051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatB05W01053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelB09W01051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelB09W01053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelB09W01051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelB09W01053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossB10W01053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Semi-GlossB10W01051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS
    Semi-GlossB10W01051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS


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