Has something inspired you lately, maybe all the great Fall colours or Summer at the beach has you thinking about changing the colour of some rooms in your home. To make the project go smoothly having the right supplies makes all the difference. Here are a list of some essentials to gather before you begin.

  1. Tape measure, you’ll need to measure the area you are painting to purchase. Nothing worse than running short and keep in mind a 4 litre can covers about 400 square feet.
  2. Stirrer, usually provided free of charge you’ll want to remember to stir before using to get consistent colour.
  3. Pouring spout attaching it to the paint allows you to pour with less mess.
  4. Drop cloths mean less cleanup later. Great to protect furniture and floors although canvas ones will allow any spills to leak through if you don’t deal with them right away. Rolls of kraft paper can be purchased or there’s plastic drop sheets that can be used over and over and better for the environment.
  5. Tape, taking the time to prep will save cleanup time in the long run. There are several different types even ones to use on delicate or newly painted areas.
  6. Ladder, if you’re even tempted to use a chair to stand on it’s probably wise to invest in a ladder. A multi position aluminum ladder folds to store in the smallest spaces and adjusts to use as a step or regular ladder.
  7. Roller tray with tray liners allow you to reuse the metal tray more than once.
  8. Roller covers often come packaged with trays, ones with a ⅜ “ nap work best for interior walls.
  9. Brushes you’ll need are a 1” brush for cutting in and a 2” angled brush to paint woodwork.
  10. 5 Gallon bucket for larger jobs mixing paint together for better colour consistency
  11. Small brushes for touch ups once all the tape is removed you’ll need to go around and do touch ups and a set of small artist brushes are ideal for this.

More time spent being prepared and organized makes the job go smoother and be less stressful. With that all taken care of you’ll want to visit your local home improvement store to decide on a colour if you haven’t already. For those who are not do it yourselfers or if you’d rather leave it to the professional house painters give us a call at Paintworks in Victoria.

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