Buyers in search of a new home in Victoria BC consider location to be the number one priority. Next they check out the neighbourhood and the proximity to good schools if they have children. Buyers want an easy commute to work with any activities they enjoy close by. However even the perfect location needs great curb appeal and should never be underestimated whether you’re in the market to sell or not.

Yard maintenance is something homeowners take care of on a regular basis keeping lawns cut and raking leaves in the Fall. So while your yard makes a good impression how does the exterior of your home rate.

When it comes to how often the exterior needs repainting professional have differing opinions. Whether painting the exterior to sell, repainting every 4 to 6 years will keep your home looking good, still others will say 15 years is acceptable. The expense of repainting may tempt you to delay the project as long as possible. When you find your home’s exterior in need of paint in 5 years you might wonder what’s going on.

To answer that question a lot depends on which part of the country you reside in and climate conditions. Coastal areas like Victoria endure intense sun, salty air and sand, exposure to the elements more frequent upkeep is required. These homes may need repainting every 4 to 6 years and for beach homes as often as every year could be necessary. While the east coast endures strong winds, snow and warm summers homes may need repainting every 5 to 7 years. The more moderate climates in southern parts of the west coast will require less frequent maintenance that those on the opposite side of the country. Protected from conditions that the coastal regions experience such as wind, for homes located in the middle and northern parts of the country it could be 10 years.

Other variable affect the frequency of repainting for example the type of materials the house is made of as well as the quality of materials you use for the project.

What part of the world you live in and it’s climate conditions as well as the quality of materials are responsible for the wide range of opinions. Here at Paintworks we have the expertise to recommend the best products to protect homes in the Victoria region. If you have questions or would be interested in an estimate contact us today.

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