It’s no secret exterior paint wears a little faster in Victoria BC than the rest of Canada. With our soggy winter, salty air and our beautiful sunny summer, keeping your exterior looking sharp is an investment, but so worth it when you get to live in such an amazing city.

How often you paint your exterior largely depends on what type of paint you intend to use. For paint that will last the longest in our varied climate talk to our Victoria house painters for more information. Here are some quick tips though:

  • Oil Based products will break down faster in UV exposure, losing colour and luster and sometimes get powdery mildew.
  • Latex paints are less likely to break down, but stay away from glossy finishes- instead choose a satin finish, which will last longer.
  • Darker colours fade faster than light ones. Light colours do fade but it just won’t be as noticeable.

How long your paint lasts will also largely depend on how well the surface is prepared. This where our painters can help out a great deal. We can sand, fill cracks and clean the surface properly. If you cut corners and don’t fix all the imperfections before beginning, you can guarantee those imperfections will show up as wear and tear in a very short time.

Also the exterior materials used on your house is an important factor. Cedar siding will need more paint than say a hardi plank.

The quality of the previous paint jobs will also affect how long the paint lasts. If the original paint job didn’t use a good primer, you may be required to paint more often or sand right down and start over for a long lasting finish.

Lastly don’t skimp on coats. If you try to save money by only doing one coat, you’ll be back painting the next year. Where as a couple of thin, properly applied coats will last usually 4-6 years.

We have fully answered the question of how often you should paint the exterior of your home. It’s a tough question to answer due to all the above factors. Contact our Victoria BC painters if you are looking to have the exterior or your home painted.

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