It may come as a surprise to know your response when asked your favourite colour can reveal things about you. That’s because often colour has a way of influencing the way it makes us feel. The premise is colour psychology and the idea that colour evokes an emotional, mental and even behavioural response capable of impacting our mood.

Our Victoria BC painters are aware of this aspect of the paint industry when working with clients to reflect the right mood. The feel may range from lively in the family room, formal and elegant in the dining room or a calm, serene bedroom. If you want to create a feel or mood when selecting paint colour here are some tips to follow.

Cool versus warm colours

The six colours on a colour wheel are split into warm and cool colours. Red, orange and yellow are warm and remind us of sunshine and warmth. The remaining ones green, blues and violet are relaxing and calm reminiscent of nature, water and sky with their coolness.

Start by determining the main function of the room and the feel you want the colour choice to evoke. Thoughtful use of colour can influence the way people feel, think and behave in that room.

Warm colour suggestions, the intensity of reds, oranges and yellows have a very energetic, warm and friendly feeling. Best used in kitchens, dining rooms, workout spaces, and yellow is nice in bathrooms just avoid too bright shades. Any of the warm colours work well in rooms where people tend to gather together.

The calm feel of blues is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms or offices while darker shades of purple create and elegance in your dining room. Green with it’s many shades to choose from creates a relaxing mood for a bedroom, bathroom or in the living room.

Black is a neutral colour is useful to highlight other colours while white gives a contemporary, spacious feel. Both these neutral are ideal used as an accent colour.

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