Painting the rooms in your home can completely change the decor simply by choosing a different paint colour. It is one of the least expensive ways to add value to your home giving it a clean and updated look. After the hard work is done you’ll probably have some leftover paint that you may want to keep or dispose of. Here are some tips for proper storage and disposal of house paint.

Why would you keep leftover paint

Even if you are very careful slight damage can happen and especially if you have children running around. So the occasional touch up is going to be necessary or you may move paintings around and need to patch and touch up holes. Leftover paint can be used to paint furniture or even in art projects.

How to store leftover paint

You want as little air as possible in the can so it will be in good condition if you need it again. Start by cleaning the rim of the can then place a layer of plastic between the can and the lid. Tap the lid ( a rubber mallet is less likely to damage the lid ) then store the can upside down allowing the paint to create it’s own seal. Paint should be stored away from sunlight kept from freezing temperatures in your basement or a closet.

How to dispose of unwanted paint

Your leftover paint might still be useable so ask friends and neighbours if it can be useful to them. Paintworks recycles all unusable paint products at one of the convenient recycling drop off locations in Victoria BC.

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