Solo™ 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Latex Paint

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  • paint_template-1Solo is an efficient solution that maximizes application options and minimizes inventory and labor costs. This versatile, self-priming paint can be used almost anywhere – on surfaces both inside and out. Now there is a product that can work overtime allowing more projects to be completed with a single product.


    • Delivers good hide, block resistance and durability.
    • Provides excellent adhesion on both new and previously painted surfaces – including masonry, wood, drywall, plaster, metal and galvanized substrates.
    • Self-priming for properly prepared interior and exterior previously painted surfaces or new interior surfaces.
    • Meets the most stringent VOC regulations.
    • Ideal for new and existing homes and multi-family residences – allowing crews to move seamlessly from one area to another without changing paint or cleaning applicators.
    • Available in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss – in a wide variety of color options.
    SheenProduct NumberBaseSize***MSDSPDSEDSGreenguard
    FlatA74W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatA74W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatA74T00054Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatA74W00053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatA74T00054Ultradeep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    FlatA74W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75T00054Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75W00053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Eg-ShelA75T00054Ultradeep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76T00054Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76W00053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    Semi-GlossA76T00054Ultradeep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77W00051Extra White1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77W00053Deep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77T00054Ultradeep Base1 GallonMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77T00054Ultradeep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77W00051Extra White5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate
    GlossA77W00053Deep Base5 GallonsMSDSPDSEDS✔ Certificate


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