Why is Paint Works job the best value?

Training: We know of no other painting company that spends as much time and effort training its workforce. Regardless of an applicant's previous experience, every new painter at Paint Works goes through a minimum of 16 hours of both technical and hands-on training prior to setting foot on an actual jobsite. On evenings and weekends our office becomes a classroom and our production area is converted to a realistic training ground complete with practice painting walls and staging setups.

Committed Painters: A commitment to quality, combined with strict adherence to fair business practices and an emphasis on teamwork, allows us to boast exceptionally low turnover among the workforce. As Paint Works continues to grow, constant work and the opportunity for advancement permits us to keep our wages fair and therefore our bidding rates competitive.

Fast and Efficient: Motivated, well-trained painters can get the job done in less time. Paint Works painters think smart and work efficiently. Each team has their own "crew kit" which is made up of a series of well stocked, numbered crates that are identical between crews and laid out in a similar manner at each jobsite. We always know exactly where every product and tool can be found, eliminating unnecessary time consuming runs to the paint store. In addition to this main crew kit, each painter at Paint Works is required to own their own "Painter's Grip" consisting of a wide array of special scraping tools, brushes, dusters, etc. We learned long ago that the proper tools in the right hands can make an enormous difference in both the time it takes to do a job and the quality of the finished product.

Technical Expertise: Knowing when and how to use the right products can make all the difference. For instance, paints are not what they used to be. In recent years oil paints ahve been reformulated (especially here in BC) to conform to stricter environment codes. Though far less harmful to the environment, they have become less durable. Meanwhile latex paints have made enormous advances. Too many of the buildings we work on show premature deterioration. This indicates, in many cases, that the previous painter, well intentioned though they may have been, prepared the surface thoroughly and with great care only to ruin the job by using completely inappropriate finishing products. At Paint Works, we stay on top of the latest advances in paint technology and use this knowledge to our clients' advantage.

Safety First: Painting can be one of the most dangerous of all trades. A well-trained and safety-conscious workforce is the first and most important step toward reducing risks. Nevertheless, accidents can happen, even to the most well prepared. We always carry both Workers Compensation and substantial amounts of general liability insurance should we even need it.

Unparalleled Estimates: Many clients notice that an estimate from Paint Works takes considerably longer to do than most. This is because we never 'ballpark' our estimates. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project, we count every single detail, giving each an allotment of time for preparation and for painting. We have found that our uniquely thorough approach is an essential part of giving the client exactly what they want. We rarely give an estimate without first conferring with the client and clarifying both their needs and expectations. No two jobs are ever identical.

Educated Clients and Crew: All things being equal, the difference between a good paint job and a great paint job is the time spent and the degree of thoroughness attained. Greater quality corresponds with higher cost, and vice versa. A balance between cost and quality must be met in every project. Paint Works takes pride in achieving this balance by being the only painting company we know of to implement a completely 'open approach' to bidding and producing our work. We then prepare an estimate taking their preferences into account. The estimate is shared openly by both the informed client and well-trained crew who will execute the work. If there has been any one reason for Paint Works success, it has been the use of this unique approach, which enables us consistently to meet our clients' budgets and expectations,


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